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Premier Li stresses improving full-cycle vaccine monitoring system

?Chinese Premier Li Keqiang underscored improving the country's full-cycle supervision system for vaccines at a State Council executive meeting held Monday.

Service industry steering China's firm growth

As China shifts away from old growth drivers, the service industry is now a key growth engine that firmly steers the economy forward amid external uncertainties.

MH370 disappearance remains mystery

The real cause for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 cannot be determined, said a detailed report on the incident released on Monday by a safety investigation team.

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Xi calls on BRICS to preserve multilateralism

This year's multi-national BRICS meeting was significant as it represented the de-facto ascension of the BRICS Plus cooperation.


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Skyworth targets counterfeits on Pinduoduo platform

Skyworth Group Co Ltd has issued a statement demanding that online group discounter Pinduoduo Inc stop selling counterfeit versions of its products.

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Golden gateway bridge

As Chinese artist, Shu Yong, prepares to replicate his famous installation in Kazakhstan, he hopes the concept will open a dialogue between different cultures.

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